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Partners Personnel Locations

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Nationwide/Specialty Divisions


Createch is the IT, Marketing, and Creative Division of Partners Personnel. We provide freelance and full-time staffing services to the nation’s leading Fortune 100 tech & retail brands, ad agencies, and corporate IT/marketing departments.


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Maintenance & Engineering

Our Maintenance and Engineering Di­vision helps clients make the most effective hires for their teams. These positions are the backbone of operational efficiency, ensuring that machinery runs smoothly and that the facilities are well-maintained to meet production demands and minimize downtime.


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Contact Center

Our Contact Center Division is built on the wisdom that employee experience (EX) = customer experience (CX). Employee experience starts with us and how we treat, communicate, and guide employees through the hiring and onboarding process, both with Partners and with our Contact Center clients. We possess an expert understanding of the nuances within different contact center skill sets and provide only the most qualified talent for your staffing needs.


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Our Professional Division works with clients as a stakeholder in their hiring strategy and process. We facilitate a solid match for our employees and clients, examining the experience and team dynamics required for a great match. Our professional team was handpicked from 25 years of recruiting and staffing experience to build our Professional team to be the best in the industry.


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