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Our Partner

At Partners Personnel, we proudly collaborate with an exceptional Minority Business Enterprise, Symtech, to elevate your business through diversity and support small businesses.

Symtech Corporation

Symtech Corporation is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that provides staffing and support services to government agencies and military entities nationwide.

How our MBE Program Works

  • Partners Personnel remains the Sole Staffing Supplier
  • Symtech acts as the MSP, Managed Service Provider (SDVOSB Certified, Contract Holder, Invoicing, Billing, and Compliance)

Why Choose Us?

Together, we form a winning team dedicated to providing our associates with the best job opportunities, exceptional companies, and valuable resources.

Here are the key advantages we offer:

  • Extensive Reach & Resources: Leverage Partners Personnel’s 110+ offices nationwide.
  • Primary Staffing Vendor: Partners Personnel is Symtech’s primary staffing vendor.
  • Comprehensive Staffing Services: We handle all aspects of staffing, including recruiting, discipline, termination, risk management, safety, Worker’s Comp, reporting, productivity, attendance, and payroll.
  • Diverse Position Filling: We specialize in filling IT, professional, and industrial positions.
  • Government & Military Support: Delivering staffing and support services to government agencies and military entities across the nation.
  • Experienced in Secure Facilities: Our employees have experience working in secure facilities.
  • Classified Access Support: Symtech can provide support at facilities requiring classified access.
  • Veteran Workforce: 95% of Symtech’s employees are veterans, capable of assimilating quickly into military work environments, reducing training time, and enhancing capability.