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At Partners Personnel, we are serious about putting our associates’ and clients’ needs first. Our three distinct roles of recruiting specialist, client specialist and partnership specialist creates an individualized experience for all of our clientele. This unique business model ensures the needs of our partners are taken care of in an efficient and timely manner. The recruiting specialist is dedicated strictly to recruiting – finding the right people to fill your open roles. The client specialist is a separate staff member prepared to understand your business and align our branch operations with the labor needs of your facility. The partnership specialist is a full-time staff member onsite at your location to assist with all aspects of associate management. For these reasons, we felt our previous tagline “Staffing Made Simple” was not enough.

Our intentional efforts to not only simplify our business model but to personalize it, has inspired the change to “Staffing Made Personal.” We believe “Staffing Made Personal” is a better representation of the company culture and personalized customer service that our leaders and colleagues embody. We look forward to strengthening our current partnerships and fostering new growth by keeping the focus on the individual at the forefront.

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